Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hello harold!

Look who has come to live at my house!

I was very very lucky to receive Harold the giraffe from Fiona's giveaway. He came yesterday in the mail and he's getting in the Christmas spirit by making himself at home under the Christmas tree. Thank you so much Fiona, he is beautiful!

My sister-in-law and wee niece are particular lovers of giraffes, so I bought Homespun magazine to make him a cousin some time in the future. There's also a great quilt pattern in there from another blogger I follow which may have a place in baby's room some time in the future.

I have succumbed to a revolting cold so I'm cosy at home today rather than spreading my germs at work. Perhaps I'll muster the energy to finish off some baby knitting then have something else to show you here. I knitted up this little bear for a friend on the weekend from this Little Cotton Rabbits pattern - my first (though very minor) go at stranded colour knitting and she came out pretty cute I think!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

another creative collaboration

This one a few more months in the making! Which is inspiring other creative impulses... kind of why I'd like to get back into this blogging caper. Now the next step is to be bothered getting out the camera to take pics of current stuff - eg this picture above is about 2 months old now as I haven't been bothered scanning any others in. This is probably the clearest we have though! Little one is camera shy already.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Ok perhaps you can tell I was trying to do this. And I missed a day. But it turns out that was October. So I am now running my own IntNaBloWriMowafhaitbe - the "InterNational Blog Writing Month with a few hiccups as is to be expected".

For a quick post, here are a few of the blogs that I have newishly discovered and that are really inspiring me lately:

c jane enjoy it ~ the amazing story of a woman caring for her sister's children while she recovers from a terrible plane accident ~ the power of family and faith and love

photography by photobat ~ i want to learn to take photos like this!

fellow tasmanian black eyed susie ~ local crafty gorgeousness! i really like reading blogs by near neighbours

fresh md ~ reflections on motherhood and medicine ~ strangely both fascinating to me!

These might not appear in my blogroll --> as I have recently changed from Bloglines to Google Reader - I'll figure that out at some stage!


Monday, November 03, 2008

i can't stand susan

Some girlfriends and I drove to Geeveston last week on a craft-related road trip (ooh there's blog fodder in that! more later) and I was totally jealous of my friend who wcould sing all the words to nearly every song on The Police greatest hits album. This one's particularly catchy so I have been playing it over and over to teach myself the words. And sometimes substituting the alternate words above in honour of my favourite road tripper!


Sunday, November 02, 2008

stylin' up

The craftiness didn't stop with the cake (did I mention the cake itself was made by another talented cousin?).

Mum spent weeks sewing my wedding dress, modelled on one we tried on in a fancy shop and pretended to be considering purchasing.

It's a one of a kind and something to be always treasured. Such a lucky bride!