Wednesday, July 27, 2005


10 years ago: Year 11. Studying science and spending Writers Workshop secretly mooning over various boys. Being a Prefect and a Good Girl. Crazy days in Antioch and being late for school on Fridays.
5 years ago: The Year Two Thousand. Climbing Mt Wellington and puking half way up. Travelling up the East Coast of Aus and being afraid of strangers. Starting Honours and continuing my long history of procrastination and work avoidance.
Yesterday: Work. Too-hot potato-leek-and-chickpea soup for lunch. Reflective grocery shopping and restocking the pantry yay! Shopping day is (mostly) always a happy day.
Today: Work. Not-so-hot but also not-as-tasty cauliflower-cheese-and-mustard soup, the smell of which Kathleen mistook for next-table baby poo.
Tomorrow: Work. Art of Christmas cocktail party - nibbling, drinking and merriment.
5 snacks I enjoy: choc sultanas, walnuts, Cripps chips, avocado on toast, popcorn
5 bands/singers I know the lyrics of most of their songs: the Beatles, the Waifs, Paul Simon, ummm....
5 bad habits I have: procrastination, sleeping in, not eating healthy, no work ethic, messiness
5 things I like doing: reading, sleeping in, walking in the crisp winter air, drinking tea with friends, cooking
5 things I would never wear: overalls, earrings, anything lime green, Brazilian thongs (the ones with heels), a stole made of a fox
5 TV shows I like: Australian Story, All Saints, the new Doctor Who, Home and Away, Enough Rope
5 movies I like: The Princess Bride, When Harry met Sally, Amelie, Singing in the Rain, Annie
5 biggest joys at the moment: Nick and everything to do with him, cuddly Stella, new babies, daphne in flower, my feather pillow



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