Friday, December 09, 2005

French market bag Part Deux

I expected that tossing the bag into the washing machine would be quite harrowing, but in the end I was so sick of the sight of it that I went ahead with reckless abandon. It was quite exciting once I had figured out how to make the washing machine use hot water, as we always wash in cold. I chucked in the bag with some laundry powder and let it go through one wash cycle (about 10 minutes). It wasn't doing much so I rewound the dial and added a pair of old cord pants. Lo and behold it came out fuzzy and shrunken after about another 7 minutes!

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The bucket was thanks to Nick who has a vast array to choose from. I was planning to shape it on an normal old laundry bucket but the base did not shrink as much as the sides, so it is a bit more of a squat shape (no swatches for me - fly by the seat of my pants type of girl! Or some would say lacking patience). I knitted the bag taller than the pattern said. I also stretched the sides down a bit which helped. Voila!

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I do love it. It's a bit floppier than I envisaged but once it's full of my next knitting project it will be just perfect. I am not tempted to do another one but did think briefly about knitting smaller bags for Christmas pressies - ha ha! Maybe I'll try the Sophie bag for a few special birthdays next year.

My next project... as a "She's Gotta Have It" knitter I am now hankering after something even more complicated and am determined to make it by hook or by crook! So I will shortly be teaching myself cables... to have a go at the Samus. Will probably be zipping over to Mum's house quite frequently so she can unravel my mistakes :)



At 3:12 pm, Blogger kath red said...

wow, this bag is just fantastic. thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, it helped me to find you.


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