Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I am sooo excited! I've joined my first knitalong! Alison of The Blue Blog is hosting her third sock extravaganza, in which knitting bloggers and likeminded people sign up for a great sock swap fest.

I stumbled across her blog right in the nick of time and signed up as a beginner. Everyone is allocated a person to knit for, and we have two months to create a pair of socks and post them off to our secret sock buddy (secret from their point of view that is). Then a special pair of socks arrives in the post from a different person for me!

I hope my beginner buddy doesn't request anything too complicated. I was thinking it might be a bit sad to post away my first ever handknitted socks - but lets face it, without a kick in the pants like this I might never have started them! Once my sock knitting career is launched I can make another fab pair for myself :)

Right, off to research sock patterns and yarn. Thinking I might need to order online for this one. Any recommendations anyone?

PS. Look at the sockapaloooza button over there on the right! My first button! Woo hoo!

PPS. Speaking of socks, how cute are these tiny socks knitted by the aforementioned Alison? I'm also very inspired by Di's numerous pairs of delicate and lovely socks. I would be really happy I could create something as fun as these by Jane!



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