Wednesday, January 11, 2006

soy and spice

To feed the hungry workers on Sunday (did I mention that mum and Annie also did some weeding in the garden? They are being invited for lunch more often!) I tried out a new recipe from Donna Hay's The Instant Cook (p88) - flat roasted chicken - soy and spice variation - yum.

It was eaten too quickly for a photo but this is what Donna's looked like:

You cut the chicken down its back (with kitchen scissors) and roast it flat so it only takes about 45 minutes. Maybe the quick cooking time is the reason it is very tender. The chicken sits on a bed of 5 cinnamon sticks and 2 star anise (not a very comfortable bed but I think the chicken is past caring).

Simmer together 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1/4 cup water, 3 teaspoons brown sugar and 1/2 teaspoon chinese five-spice powder in a small saucepan for one minute and brush it over. Bake at 200 degrees C (390 F) about 35-45 min or until cooked through.

I served this with pink-eye potatoes and a salad. If I was doing it again I might reserve some of the glaze to brush over while cooking (or even make some extra). Twas most delish!



At 9:27 pm, Blogger Di said...

Sounds divine! I love those spices.


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