Sunday, February 26, 2006

frilly bits for a hens do

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Last night was a wee hens party for a dear friend who is getting married next weekend. She's come all the way from sunny Townsville and a few of us old school friends went out for dinner then a bit of dancing to celebrate the start of her crazy week of wedding preparations.

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Of course every bride needs hens accessories, so out came the trusty screenprinting gear! I am really getting the hang of cutting stencils now. The little hens came out so well, I was so pleased with their crispness and detail (Would anyone like a little linen hen patch? I have a few spare which I'm happy to post if some crafty people would like one to sew on a bag or something).

Now we're looking forward to dancing another night away at the wedding next weekend :)

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

another new thing mastered - kind of

It's a rare and wonderful weekend at home with hardly anything to do except watch Olympic highlights and do some knitting. I've started my first ever cable for Samus!

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It's quite tricky, though not as hard as I imagined. I have not quite got into the swing of knowing what comes next, so need to consult the pattern very regularly.

There have been a few stuff ups, but I've managed to unknit some and I think I can live with the others. I'm doing the cables for the sleeves first so that I have had lots of practise when it comes to the body. Mistakes happen whenever I'm not totally concentrating - Nick remarked "every time you pick that up you start swearing"!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

big brother little brother

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This set was a Saturday morning production for my little mate Sam's 2nd birthday on the weekend. It doesn't seem like 2 years since he was small enough to fit into the suit on the right - but now he is a big little boy and looking forward to the arrival of a wee brother in about a month's time.

(I hope noone mistakes his shirt for a reference to that awful reality show!)


Friday, February 10, 2006


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I've been surfing web sites and checking out online yarn shops for a while, wondering where I could possibly find a good source of sock yarn and other nice materials for my new knitting predilection. Little did I know here in Hobart we have a quite excellent LYS!

I had written this place off as it is in the midst of slightly dodgy suburbia, with a small and uninspiring shopfront, on a busy road, only open when I am usually at work or sleeping in on Saturday mornings - but I was lucky to have a parking spot at work for a few days last week and decided to take a lunch-time safari out there just to have a sticky beak.

Wow - it's full of wonderful colours and brands of yarn that I was sure wouldn't be available here. There were several sock yarns to choose from and I thought this varigated "Hot Socks" yarn from Germany looked like a good option for a beginner - plus I really love the colours. Hopefully my buddy does too.

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I still haven't quite decided what pattern to use - I thought I might lengthen the legs of the Retro Anklets in this book to make the simplest sock possible. I'm not sure how to make sure the socks fit my buddy's feet - I assume with length I just knit til the foot is long enough but the ball measurement? Methinks a case of trial and error.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my new favourite internet thing

I've discovered Bloglines, so now I only need to look at one page to know when all of my favourite blogs have posted about cute, nifty, funny, useful, enlightening, satisfying, wonder*full things. These blogs and the people who write in them have expanded my world.

(There you go, readers who are visiting here on a procrastination break from work! I know who you are ;)


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

in which the heroine overcomes the frustration of the turning of the heel

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Tiny test sock finished! I now feel suitably qualified to make socks for an army of miniature stumpy-footed people. On to bigger and better things.... well bigger anyway. Sockapaloooza matchups should be sent out any minute now. Don't you love the anticipation of a new project? I might just get a bit addicted to knitting socks :)