Sunday, February 19, 2006

another new thing mastered - kind of

It's a rare and wonderful weekend at home with hardly anything to do except watch Olympic highlights and do some knitting. I've started my first ever cable for Samus!

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It's quite tricky, though not as hard as I imagined. I have not quite got into the swing of knowing what comes next, so need to consult the pattern very regularly.

There have been a few stuff ups, but I've managed to unknit some and I think I can live with the others. I'm doing the cables for the sleeves first so that I have had lots of practise when it comes to the body. Mistakes happen whenever I'm not totally concentrating - Nick remarked "every time you pick that up you start swearing"!



At 4:36 pm, Blogger iKat said...

Hi, Jillian! Found you through Leonielight tonight and am having fun checking out your knits! I just recently got back to mine and loving it again. Can you believe I've had one sitting in the box for three years! Intended for my then newborn who is now almost four. LOL Your photos and stories inspire me to keep at it. Thank you! ~Kat


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