Sunday, February 26, 2006

frilly bits for a hens do

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Last night was a wee hens party for a dear friend who is getting married next weekend. She's come all the way from sunny Townsville and a few of us old school friends went out for dinner then a bit of dancing to celebrate the start of her crazy week of wedding preparations.

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Of course every bride needs hens accessories, so out came the trusty screenprinting gear! I am really getting the hang of cutting stencils now. The little hens came out so well, I was so pleased with their crispness and detail (Would anyone like a little linen hen patch? I have a few spare which I'm happy to post if some crafty people would like one to sew on a bag or something).

Now we're looking forward to dancing another night away at the wedding next weekend :)

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At 10:08 am, Anonymous kathleen said...

And an excellent night out was had by all. Of the six (6) hens' parties we saw scattered about, I think we were DEFINITELY the most stylish.

At 5:10 pm, Blogger Kali said...

What a great idea the tops and little hen badges are! You make some really gorgeous things :)


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