Wednesday, March 29, 2006

busy busy

Eeek! Must... stop.... take.... breath...

This is the first night this week I get to come home straight after work - no meetings, sports, volunteer stuff, random events - sometimes I feel like I do a bit too much. But all of those extra things are the little bits that really make life interesting I think.

Tonight was not really an evening for relaxing though, at least not until dinner was cooked for one half of the family come to visit (lasagne, mmm). They exclaimed over my most recent and deeply satisfying ebay purchase, these genuine retro 50's Nally canisters:

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They're going to look so cool on my cupboard - when it is finally finished. I was going to look for some as a treat (and motivating factor) for when I finally got it done, but couldn't resist this perfect set.

The family couldn't believe they are now sought after and collectable. "Aunty So-and-so had some of those... we ditched those for the new fangled Tupperware!" (which is now quite vintage and collectable as well I added) :)



At 7:16 am, Blogger Kali said...

Love 'em! I agree, think they're going to look fab on your cupboard.
I have a 'thing' about old canisters :)

At 9:32 am, Blogger littlesnoring said...

Great buy, don't you love online shopping! I'm not sure how we lived without it!


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