Saturday, March 11, 2006

welcome maya lily

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I am really tired. This has been a week where a whole lot seemed to happen. My nose is still dripping but the cold is on the way out, thankfully. Poor Stella had an unexpected visit to the vet with a case of droopy tail which turned out to be a nasty abcess thanks to a chomp from the nasty cat next door. I'm glad she's ok (though very grumpy at being confined inside) but the size of the bill kind of knocked me for six. Eek! Who needs groceries anyway?

I was happy to hear of the birth of baby Maya, and this little suit will be sent off to Torquay this week. Especially nice to have good news in this week of terrible sadness for one family that I know from school days.

After dithering around, trying to decide what I'm doing for Sockapaloooza, I have just thrown myself into it and decided to try a pair of Jaywalkers. Not sure how I am going for sizing or gauge, but I think I'll just get started and see how they look as they take shape. Still a while to go so no need to panic yet!!

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At 4:12 pm, Blogger Kali said...

How cute is Maya's little bodysuit?! I love it, and I'm sure she will look adorable in it.
Poor Stella! and as for vet bills..I've had some pretty scarey experiences with those!! I think you should be able to get private health cover for your pets..LOL
I've got to say I think your pretty clever with those knitting needles...and I can only dream :)

At 10:41 am, Anonymous blair said...

That little onesie is so incredibly cute. I sometimes still wish I had kids that small in my house.


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