Sunday, April 23, 2006


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Went up to Mt Field National Park on Easter Tuesday with a friend to breathe some forest air and show her a little of one of Tasmania's beautiful wild places. Mt Field is an amazing place as it is all so accessible but at the same time wild and untamed - it's just the gateway to a huge wilderness really and it was one of Australia's first national parks so people have been visiting for many many years - but something is always fresh and inspiring and raw. The picture above is Horseshoe Falls - venture over to my new flickr collection to see some more pictures...

PS. I am hoping that "tasmanian bush" is a good "big idea" for when I get around to making my first quilt - more on that later

PPS. Sock one is almost finished - I am on the toe - and I think I will be able to get sock two done in a week! Really!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

the heels are turning

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Sockapaloooza progress - I knitted the heel flap, picked up for the gussets and am into the instep in a flurry of activity over a few days late last week... although I was sidetracked by the lure of this book and whipped up something small and cute over two nights (two nights! yay for quick projects!). You will have to wait for show and tell though while it finds its way to (soon to arrive) something else small and cute.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter everyone :)

Mmmm tasty Good Friday buns


Thursday, April 13, 2006

my eyes are bigger than my stomach

At least that's what mum and dad used to say when I couldn't finish whatever delicious thing I had helped myself to a huge plate of... in this case though I am referring to that itch you get when you are halfway through your current project and all you can see is new inspiring more exciting projects all around!

This is the main reason I have so many ufo's (as listed over there -->) on the go. I am knitting like mad on my sockapaloooza socks and think I might just start to turn the heel of the first sock tonight - wish me luck!

I did head out to the LYS this afternoon though on the first day of my week off (doing battle with Easter traffic - ugg!), to pick up the rest of my layby-ed yarn for Samus and I also grabbed some cotton to make a Hat for one of the upcoming babies (one is sure to be a girl - maybe a little girl kiwi?) from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (borrowed from library - multiple errata noted).

Other things that are filed in the "Hmm interesting possible future project" section of my favourites at the moment (apart from those over there -->) include interesting bumpy felting, vegetable printing, pincushions, and lots of things from knitty like cute kids cardi (but lace?), fuzzy feet and clapotis...

I'm also thinking about different things in screenprinting and maybe making something a bit more complicated and potentially frameable - I bought fabric to make a knitting needle roll a while ago but need a sewing machine - this little cardi melts my heart (and kids clothes are so much quicker to finish than anything for me) - and of course I'd like to try quilting and soft toy and bag making....

As Calvin says, the days are just packed. Thinking about things I could be doing, that is. Onwards with the socks! And by the time they are finished, I'll probably have a whole new set of things I'm tackling next.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

sockapaloooza update

There hasn't been much talk of sock progress on this here blog as things have not been going particularly well so far in this department. I am really disappointed as I wanted to love knitting socks like so many other bloggers out there seem to... but it's early days I suppose. I shouldn't give up so soon.

Since my jaywalkers last featured here, I have ripped them out 3 or 4 times after messing up the beginnings of the zigzag pattern but I am finally getting somewhere. I am just very frustrated with the thin yarn and pointy, skinny, slippery needles - the number of times I have dropped stitches, unknitted, forgotten to slip stitches, lost count... grrr! I once even accidentally pulled a needle out of a whole row, thinking it was my spare needle.

Anyway, this picture is supposed to be arty and interesting, conveying a sense of progress but not detail... about 4 cm into the pattern I realised I'd been decreasing by slipping stitches seperately instead of together, which doesn't sound a big deal but actually doesn't look quite right. I'm hoping some blocking will help make it look better, but they are beginners socks after all. I just can't bear to start all over again!

Hopefully next week I will have more progress to show, like a heel or similar. Easter break will mean lots of knitting time I hope! Sockapaloooza deadline is approaching!

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


It's been a nice homey weekend. The weather yesterday was crazy. Stormy, sunny, rainy, even hailing for a while, rainbows everywhere, white wash on the beach... totally exhilarating. I much prefer the wild weather to a gloomy overcast day like today, though I did get outside in the garden for a bit which was satisfying.

Yesterday we went to a couple of open homes (here and here for those who are interested) and disappointed the sales lady who actually said to us "oh you must be serious buyers if you're coming out in this weather!". Just checking things out at this stage we assured her. We haven't yet come across anything that's been instantly heart-winning.

On the wish list is a garage for the old car, some boys space for associated car bits and pieces, good sized living areas, space for a vegie patch and maybe one day a dog and/or a couple of chickens and/or child/or two/or four. Not too much to ask!

For now it's fun looking and talking and imagining possibilities. Our little (rented) house is ok for now! I pinched a bit of rosemary from a neighbour's yard and added it to my herb collection on the patio. Maybe one day it will be the start of a rosemary hedge in our own house.