Thursday, April 13, 2006

my eyes are bigger than my stomach

At least that's what mum and dad used to say when I couldn't finish whatever delicious thing I had helped myself to a huge plate of... in this case though I am referring to that itch you get when you are halfway through your current project and all you can see is new inspiring more exciting projects all around!

This is the main reason I have so many ufo's (as listed over there -->) on the go. I am knitting like mad on my sockapaloooza socks and think I might just start to turn the heel of the first sock tonight - wish me luck!

I did head out to the LYS this afternoon though on the first day of my week off (doing battle with Easter traffic - ugg!), to pick up the rest of my layby-ed yarn for Samus and I also grabbed some cotton to make a Hat for one of the upcoming babies (one is sure to be a girl - maybe a little girl kiwi?) from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (borrowed from library - multiple errata noted).

Other things that are filed in the "Hmm interesting possible future project" section of my favourites at the moment (apart from those over there -->) include interesting bumpy felting, vegetable printing, pincushions, and lots of things from knitty like cute kids cardi (but lace?), fuzzy feet and clapotis...

I'm also thinking about different things in screenprinting and maybe making something a bit more complicated and potentially frameable - I bought fabric to make a knitting needle roll a while ago but need a sewing machine - this little cardi melts my heart (and kids clothes are so much quicker to finish than anything for me) - and of course I'd like to try quilting and soft toy and bag making....

As Calvin says, the days are just packed. Thinking about things I could be doing, that is. Onwards with the socks! And by the time they are finished, I'll probably have a whole new set of things I'm tackling next.



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