Sunday, April 09, 2006

sockapaloooza update

There hasn't been much talk of sock progress on this here blog as things have not been going particularly well so far in this department. I am really disappointed as I wanted to love knitting socks like so many other bloggers out there seem to... but it's early days I suppose. I shouldn't give up so soon.

Since my jaywalkers last featured here, I have ripped them out 3 or 4 times after messing up the beginnings of the zigzag pattern but I am finally getting somewhere. I am just very frustrated with the thin yarn and pointy, skinny, slippery needles - the number of times I have dropped stitches, unknitted, forgotten to slip stitches, lost count... grrr! I once even accidentally pulled a needle out of a whole row, thinking it was my spare needle.

Anyway, this picture is supposed to be arty and interesting, conveying a sense of progress but not detail... about 4 cm into the pattern I realised I'd been decreasing by slipping stitches seperately instead of together, which doesn't sound a big deal but actually doesn't look quite right. I'm hoping some blocking will help make it look better, but they are beginners socks after all. I just can't bear to start all over again!

Hopefully next week I will have more progress to show, like a heel or similar. Easter break will mean lots of knitting time I hope! Sockapaloooza deadline is approaching!

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At 7:52 pm, Blogger littlesnoring said...

Wow, pat on the back for even trying!!!

I just don't think knitting and me are ever going to get it on! Good luck with the rest of the socks - maybe the first one it the hardest?

At 2:24 am, Blogger Emma said...

I can sympathize. I've ripped out a needle holding stitches thinking it was my spare not once, but TWICE. I've only done three socks so far, but I can tell you, it gets way easier.


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