Sunday, April 23, 2006


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Went up to Mt Field National Park on Easter Tuesday with a friend to breathe some forest air and show her a little of one of Tasmania's beautiful wild places. Mt Field is an amazing place as it is all so accessible but at the same time wild and untamed - it's just the gateway to a huge wilderness really and it was one of Australia's first national parks so people have been visiting for many many years - but something is always fresh and inspiring and raw. The picture above is Horseshoe Falls - venture over to my new flickr collection to see some more pictures...

PS. I am hoping that "tasmanian bush" is a good "big idea" for when I get around to making my first quilt - more on that later

PPS. Sock one is almost finished - I am on the toe - and I think I will be able to get sock two done in a week! Really!

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At 2:39 am, Blogger chest of drawers said...

Beautiful photo! My parents have just returned to Sydney after holidaying in Tasmania for 3 weeks, they love it!

At 8:39 am, Blogger littlesnoring said...

I love Mount Field, we used to go skiing there when I was young, and whenever we drove across Wombat Plain, I kept my eyes peeled for, er, Wombats! I don't remember ever seeing one...

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for a Tasmanian inspired quilt.

At 10:17 am, Anonymous Kathleen said...

Sock one is DONE! You must allow yourself to boast a little!

At 7:49 am, Blogger weirdbunny said...

What an amazing place!


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