Sunday, June 18, 2006

a few more things

More on my list of 100 things about me....

17. Ok, I am still 27, until 20 September this year. Whoops - see what I mean about not remembering my age very well?
18. I have a new favourite TV show - The Chaser's War on Everything (ooh I think they have fun stuff on their website too!)- makes me laugh out loud and not much on TV does that for me at the moment.
19. I have a small collection of teapots. I like that it's small - I don't think I need any more.
20. I live with a Ford nut, and have a friend who is a Doctor Who aficionado, and another who loves Buffy, and one who collects frogs, and another into elephants, but I don't really have any consuming passions of my own - at least that I've discovered yet.
21. Sometimes I think more money would actually make me happier.
22. Then I think about how lucky I am really and kick myself.
23. I have always done varying amounts of volunteer work and nearly all of my good friends have shared in these experiences. I love that the important people in my life care so much about others and see volunteering as a way of life like I do.
24. I don't have any piercings and even the thought of getting my ears pierced grosses me out.
25. Most days I don't wear any jewellery (not even a watch).
26. I don't wear perfume either.
27. I think it's because jewellery and perfume make such a statement about a person - and I am not sure what type of person I am - or what type of person I want to portray.
28. I would like to wear chunky groovy jewellery.
29. I use Enjo.
30. But not as often as I should!

Gosh this is really hard - it's going to take me forever to get to 100! Do any of you out there (dear readers) have one or two to contribute? I know that some of you know me very well.... or perhaps if you don't know me there is something you would like to ask me about?



At 9:25 am, Blogger Jill said...

More on elephants here today: http://www.theage.com.au/news/opinion/save-elephants-from-zoos/2006/06/18/1150569207616.html


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