Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Ok, thoughts on the new house take II. We are here and it is home!

We had a fantastic team of friends to help us out and I got to drive the little truck which was good fun. Two and half trips later we had shifted lives from one side of the city to the other. If it was up to me we will still be living amongst and out of boxes but the fella was a great motivator and there are only a couple of things shoved in the cupboard for later.

It's so nice to be living here next door to great friends and close to family. Our last place was a bit out of the way but here, people are calling in all the time which I love. I've touched base with some people that I haven't seen much for ages - these major life events really bring people together - it's inspiring to see people so happy & excited for us and it kind of makes me stop in the middle of being grumpy about something or other (like dealing with internet and phone people eergh) and think 'hey this really is an exciting and amazing thing to be doing!'.

There are lots of things buzzing round in my head that we can do soon or later on; put a bath in the bathroom, deal with the feature wall of retro (not groovy retro) wallpaper in the main bedroom, plant a daphne and lilac tree out the front and put in a vegie patch out the back... more immediate jobs are the hammering of nails into walls (something every ex-renter relishes I'm sure!) and installation of Stella's cat flap... for now we are just living here and getting to know the house which is a pretty good feeling actually! Ah home. No place like it.

If I miss anything from the old place it would be the views and the neighbours we got to know (although we did complain about them a bit I admit!) and a couple of good friends down that way.

Here in our new abode I love the shady front garden, the great texture and warmth of weatherboards, sunshine, friends, a really quiet neighbourhood (so far), fruit trees and blossoms, the satisfying 'kerchunk' of the front door closing, homey conveniences like a dishwasher heat pump and shiny new washing machine, a craft room for me (! more on this later) and most of all sharing this experience with my lovely fella. It's all good :)


Monday, July 24, 2006

technology is out to get me

I just typed a long and lyrical post about the new house and good things that are happening... pictures and everything... and lost it with the wrong combination of keystokes and a good dash of bad luck when it come to everything technological lately. Aarghh!

I'm not in the right mood to redo it now so here's a couple of highlights from catching up with my blogroll...
- making me gasp was this amazing doll by While She Naps
- French Toast Girl has totally revamped her site with amazing art, colours and textures - for a treat you must take a look at the stories here
- this bunny rocks!
- some interesting things to do with flickr
- cupcakes. oh my yes cupcakes.

Grrr. Taking my grumpy self to bed. I'll be back soon with house news, that is unless the computer blows up or something equally as likely in the next day or so. Sigh.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hello friends

Shhh... I'm back at work after a blissful two weeks away - yes, blissful, even in the midst of moving and mess! Everything went smoothly except the transfer of our internet account - so we have no www at home and I feel like I have an arm missing.

I've secretly checked out a couple of favourite blogs but there are about 300 posts waiting in Bloglines - I'm looking forward to multiple cups of tea and happy hours of catching up when the connection is made (fingers crossed it is being fixed as we speak).

I'll be back soon!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

time for a cuppa

Yay for holidays! I've got two weeks away from work to make sure packing, moving, cleaning and settling in all goes smoothly and with a minimum of stress. Though I'm hoping that these things will be out of the way in the first week and leave some time for relaxing, sleeping in, catching up and chilling out!

The teapot collection needs to be carefully stowed. It's one of those collections which has created itself really - I bought one teapot that I really liked and the others followed as gifts - but I do love them and also what they represent - communal friendly tea-drinking and socialising and an oasis of calm and reflection in the middle of a busy life.