Monday, July 24, 2006

technology is out to get me

I just typed a long and lyrical post about the new house and good things that are happening... pictures and everything... and lost it with the wrong combination of keystokes and a good dash of bad luck when it come to everything technological lately. Aarghh!

I'm not in the right mood to redo it now so here's a couple of highlights from catching up with my blogroll...
- making me gasp was this amazing doll by While She Naps
- French Toast Girl has totally revamped her site with amazing art, colours and textures - for a treat you must take a look at the stories here
- this bunny rocks!
- some interesting things to do with flickr
- cupcakes. oh my yes cupcakes.

Grrr. Taking my grumpy self to bed. I'll be back soon with house news, that is unless the computer blows up or something equally as likely in the next day or so. Sigh.



At 8:21 am, Blogger Kali said...

ggrrr @ blogger!!
I am happy to wait patiently for house updates...It's good to know that you are in and settled. That's the main thing.
Great links...such amazing and inspiring talent out there.
Thanks for your kind birthday wishes Jill :)
Hope you have a blissful week


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