Sunday, August 20, 2006

getting away

Marian Bay
Beautiful Marian Bay today on a calm grey day - I love beach walking in winter - especially with a serendipitous group of amazing women + a sweet baby + a huge dog like this afternoon. We are such different and unlikely friends but there's always the most amazing conversations and thoughts provoked and wonderful warm company when we meet. Today I felt so happy in my skin and privileged to be living my life. I hope your weekend was the same :)

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Friday, August 18, 2006

even more things

Still going on this list of 100 things....

31. I am tempted to quit the list already but one of the good things about this blog is that it makes me accountable - if I start something on here I really need to follow through
32. On this note, I have a lot of UFO's over there in the sidebar which I haven't touched for a while but am feeling the itch to get back to them - there has been progress on the wee quilt though which I'll show soon
33. I've been knitting a scarf with the yarn of satan lately - feels good to get back in the knitty groove though I should really be tackling my neglected Samus
34. This week has been a bit of a downer - I am annoyed at myself how I allow others to make me feel things that I would rather not feel - that is, I wish I had more control over what influences my mood and my happiness levels, if that makes sense
35. I'm very glad it's the weekend now and I have several nice things to look forward to like a visit to the market, a girly dinner and a road trip to catch up with a couple of other particularly soul-enriching women friends

I think I'll stop for now as these are not really 'things about me' but more of a newsy update! I'll really have to get introspective and get to know myself so I can finish off the last 65 (yikes!)....

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

in crafty news this week

I haven't told you about a fantastic purchase I made when I was on holidays the other month. We took the rare-weekday-off-work opportunity to go and check out Gowan's Auctions - they have a general auction every Friday where you can find the most amazing assortment of junk and treasure. Every so often at my last workplace a few of us would head out there at lunchtimes to check out all the cool old stuff but I hadn't been for ages.

This time around, the interesting stuff was pretty scarce but the last shed held all the goodies. A whole pile of paraphenalia obviously belonged to someone who had done a lot of sewing through their life. There were old retro patterns, boxes and boxes of fabric, buttons, trims and cottons, mannequins, you name it. I would have liked to go home with all of it but I was very restrained - most likely because it was about 4 days after we moved and the house looked like it just couldn't take another box of assorted stuff....

I did however make a successful absentee bid for a pair of sewing machines - no idea if they worked or not but they had that old reliable look about them - I bid $55 and got them for $25! Brought them home the next day and after a little TLC they both chug along very nicely! Both have heaps of attachments including more 'feet' than I know what to do with. Unfortunately neither come with instruction books but with some trial and error and advice from mum and aunty, I will figure it all out.

The groovy Brother Computer-Sew 1000 has been patchworking with me this weekend (surely very technologically advanced in its day) and the Toyota 9600 waits in the wings for a chance to stretch its legs. Hopefully lots of inspiration will strike now I have my own tools of the trade!


Saturday, August 12, 2006

heeeeeeeeere fishy fishy fishy!!!

I've discovered the magic of You Tube... permit me this jump on the bloggy bandwagon for a minute while I share this clip - does anyone else remember this?

I haven't laughed this hard in ages!!