Sunday, August 13, 2006

in crafty news this week

I haven't told you about a fantastic purchase I made when I was on holidays the other month. We took the rare-weekday-off-work opportunity to go and check out Gowan's Auctions - they have a general auction every Friday where you can find the most amazing assortment of junk and treasure. Every so often at my last workplace a few of us would head out there at lunchtimes to check out all the cool old stuff but I hadn't been for ages.

This time around, the interesting stuff was pretty scarce but the last shed held all the goodies. A whole pile of paraphenalia obviously belonged to someone who had done a lot of sewing through their life. There were old retro patterns, boxes and boxes of fabric, buttons, trims and cottons, mannequins, you name it. I would have liked to go home with all of it but I was very restrained - most likely because it was about 4 days after we moved and the house looked like it just couldn't take another box of assorted stuff....

I did however make a successful absentee bid for a pair of sewing machines - no idea if they worked or not but they had that old reliable look about them - I bid $55 and got them for $25! Brought them home the next day and after a little TLC they both chug along very nicely! Both have heaps of attachments including more 'feet' than I know what to do with. Unfortunately neither come with instruction books but with some trial and error and advice from mum and aunty, I will figure it all out.

The groovy Brother Computer-Sew 1000 has been patchworking with me this weekend (surely very technologically advanced in its day) and the Toyota 9600 waits in the wings for a chance to stretch its legs. Hopefully lots of inspiration will strike now I have my own tools of the trade!



At 6:34 pm, Blogger littlesnoring said...

Cool Score! I have been meaning to get out there and have a look for myself.

How is the new house?

At 8:35 pm, Blogger Kali said...

That is one of my favourite haunts. Haven't been in ages though.
A bargain always to be HAD! How great is yours!!!

At 9:14 pm, Blogger Alice said...

If you need instruction books you may still be able to get them from the manufacturers. Or you could trying advertising in the Free Classifieds - I'm sure there must be at least one newspaper in Tassie that has free Classifieds.

Even without books, it sounds like a really great bargain you have there - two bargains, in fact.


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