Sunday, September 10, 2006


Things making me happy:
- new magazine
- friends coming down from launnie next weekend
- next weekend we're having a wee housewarming doo
- 10 days til my birthday!
- birthday and housewarming coincide which makes for mega celebration
- finally got into the garden and did some digging and planting
- two work free weekends in a row with my fella (the life of a shift-workers partner) as well as a normalish week
- bought a new hot water bottle (the last one was about the only thing that got lost in the move - I think it is probably int he garage somewhere)
- once we find the old hot water bottle we won't have to fight over this one
- though the fighting over the hot water bottle is kind of fun

Things making me sad:
- our next-door friends are moving house
- work is going to be really crazy this week
- I have lost temporarily lost my moti-bloggy-vation
- noone wants to buy our car and things keep going wrong with it
- dad needs a general anaesthetic and won't give up the smokes

These are pretty darn cute though and make me smile:

...even if they kind of came out scaled for a 2 year old child (that's what you get for ignoring gauge and recommended yarn etc) :-)



At 12:10 pm, Blogger Em said...

They're gorgeous - and will fit a chubby 6 month old no worries!


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