Sunday, October 29, 2006

roll your own

Knitting needle roll
I think I finally get the sewing thing! This was so quick and easy to make! I bought the materials ages ago and agonised over my choices, but after looking at them in their pile on the shelf for a few months, I love the combination even more now it's all come together.

The pattern for this knitting needle roll is the one from Stitch n Bitch though I skipped the flap that would stop the needles falling out when it's rolled - I don't think I'll be waving it around so violently that I need it, but I could add it later if necessary.

It's got me thinking about some other types of 'rolls' or pouches or bags that I might have a go at in time for Christmas. Won't be able to write about them here until after the festive season though!

Knitting needle roll


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


A bloggy visitor tagged me for this meme - so here goes - I've tweaked it a bit....

Things that scare me:
the dark
climate change
politicians (or the thought that these are the people we have elected to make decisions for us all - help)

People who make me laugh:
my Aunties - Sue and Mary
Adam Hills
René Artois + friends

Things I hate the most:
poor service

Things I don't understand:
what makes people tick

Things I'm doing right now:
drinking tea
waiting for 5pm

Things I want to do before I die:
have kids
make a difference
really know myself

Things I can do:
make people happy

Ways to describe my personality:

Things I can't do:
swim very well
speak another language
drive a bus

Things I'd like to learn:
to paint
how to cook bagels
picture framing

Favorite foods:

Beverages I drink regularly:

What I'm up to this weekend:
dinner at Annapurna
lots of laundry

I'm counting these as part of my 100 things about me! So that leaves 26 to go!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

too hot to sleep

A couple of plants in our front garden are looking amazing at the moment. We have been very lucky to inherit some beauties like this rhododendron whose pink blooms brush against our bedroom window.

It's unseasonally hot today - Hobart is known as a very temperate place but at this time of year (early Spring) the weather is anything but predictable. And in Hobart, extreme fire danger + one or two very stupid people = a terrible two days of enormous bushfires very close to city suburbs.

We have a view from our new house out to some rolling green hills, part of a flora reserve and home to some very rare trees and plants. I look out at their grey green hues every day and have often thought of taking a photo to share here. Now they are glowing red and tomorrow they'll be ashen and black.

There's been a definite lack of crafty activity around here lately but I cranked out some little baby suits the other weekend - my first commission! A work colleague wanted some groovy beanswear for her new little grandson. Welcome to the world wee Arj.

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