Sunday, January 07, 2007

here comes the sun

These photos were taken a while ago... all the rain is wonderful but I think it's time for a little more sun now please!

I had plans this weekend to get out in the garden but stayed inside instead keeping warm and dry. The world looks fresh and wonderful and I am starting to feel the essence of a new year seeping through. My resolution for this week is 'do it now!' Hence the rambly and unfocussed blog post. But sometimes that's just how life is! :)



At 11:19 am, Blogger littlesnoring said...

Your're right, the rain is inducing a feeling of freshness to the new year.

Good Luck with your resolutions

At 6:48 am, Blogger Pretty Lady said...

Sorry I haven't visited your blog. I love your pictures. Happy new year!

At 10:28 pm, Blogger Em said...

I'm a cat person, but with three kids (four including hubby who is like a kid half the time) I can't imagine also taking on a cat... so it makes sense that I've somehow fallen in love with yours :) Great pictures....

Happy new year.

At 8:03 am, Anonymous Bel said...

I see it's supposed to be 31 in your town today... I think I could deal with rain if I had to deal with 31... lol

kitty cuddles for Stella
big hugs for Beans


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