Monday, February 12, 2007

remember christmas?

It's been a while but here's the show and tell of a few Christmas pressies I made and gifted back in December. I had plans most of the year to make things but ended up sewing madly the night before for most of them!

This wall pocket was inspired by shim + sons - there are two levels of pockets to slip notes and lists into:

complete with 'designer' tag!

This passport wallet is for a travelling sister:

I also made about half a dozen sets of these criss-cross coasters - so easy and really striking! It was fun choosing the fabric colours and patterns. I didn't take any photos but the fabric in the gifts above did feature a bit.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We're growing some basil from seed.........

...it's so good on pasta with meatballs, rich tomato sauce and lots of parmesan cheese :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Oh poo

Flickr is down ("having a massage" the error message says) which means my photo-laden post plans are now "having a massge". But anyway.... hi.

One story from the weekend - we've decided to do some updating of the bathroom (our shower has turned into a bit of a water feature - and not in a good, getting people clean way - more of a mouldy, flooding the bathroom way) so we've been looking in plumbing showrooms and feeling like real home renovators.

Feeling enthused and in a renovating frame of mind, I purchased a nice shiny off-the-shelf spice rack from a shop which shall remain nameless (lets call it Eddie's Storage Universe) thinking it might actually... hold my spices?

These cardboard boxes are stopping the spices from all falling out when you open or close the door. I'm kind of warming to the look - sort of pop art do you think?