Sunday, April 22, 2007

list schmist

Well lists are wonderful things but what I'm even better at is procrastination.... bagels!

Bagels ready for boiling

I'd never made them before but they are so easy and delish!

Bubble bubble

I used this recipe from the wise old internet - for the blueberry version I just mushed in some defrosted blueberries after the first rise and sprinkled them with raw sugar rather than sesame seeds.

Finished product!

Five sleeps to go!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

como vai voce?

Hi chums! Countdown time has come around suddenly and there are only 16 sleeps to go. Wondering what I will get done and what is inevitably going to slide into the nether.....

- polish the portuguese
- get the last few vaccinations
- find a good book for the plane
- work out if I can wangle some knitting on board? (30 hours is so long!)
- plant the back lawn and all my mailorder bulbs for springtime colour
- see everyone before I go
- make room in the freezer for the fella's frozen dinners (I won't be able to stock it with 7 weeks worth but some culinary love will make us both feel better)
- make jam from tonnes of frozen apricots (see point above)
- set myself up at work so all the important work is done but they still miss me when I'm gone (wouldn't it be terrible if they figured out they don't need me after all!)

Hmm that all sounds achievable - lets see!