Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting back in the bloggy swing...

...with a few photos from our trip 'up North' in July.

Mouth of the Tamar from Low Head

We hadn't spent much time in the north-east of Tasmania so went off for a little trip to celebrate me being home and spend some time together.

Beaconsfield Gold Mine

People all around the world know this Gold Mine now where two miners were trapped for two weeks and one was tragically killed after a rock fall last year. The museum was very comprehensive and interesting - just crammed with nostalgic items that all told a story, and not just about mining but also about Australian life in another era.

Ah bliss

Of course the highlight of the trip was being asked to marry my lovely fella - the place where we stayed was just perfect with rolling paddock views and a real playpus sighting in that there dam to top off a great weekend :-)


At 10:54 pm, Anonymous 2paw said...

Oh I hope you bought some Beacy bread!! What good luck seeing a platypus in the wild. And congratulations!!!

At 8:53 am, Blogger littlesnoring said...

Congrats!! Exciting Times ahead..

At 3:14 am, Blogger Summer said...

What? How can you sneak a big announcement like that in at the very end? It's so... so... sneaky! And exciting! Best wishes!

At 10:41 pm, Blogger Kali said...

I'd like to add my congratulations on your engagement!!


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