Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Music and passion are always the fashion

Ola, Me again! Here in Rio de Janeiro and about to head off for a final churrascaria dinner together before we go our seperate ways and I head to Peru tomorrow.

Staying in a hotel only about 150 metres from the South Atlantic Ocean and Copacabana Beach, and you can even see it from our window if you kind of bend your neck the right way.

Vive Brasil

Not much time for emailing but a few pics to make up my word limit!

And I thought of some more things to tell you about Brazil: the condensed version. I can elaborate when I see you if you like...

Minimum wage is 380 reais per month which is about $230 Australian dollars. Beer costs only about 2 reais for a long neck which is how it's usually served, with enough vegemite glasses for everyone: cheaper than milk. Haven't seen much fresh milk either, even in the country, all UHT or frozen.

Forgot to tell you there is always cake for breakfast!! You just have to carefully check that it's not fish cake. Also forgot to say that the phone company 'Oi' - that means 'Hi' here!

74% of the population is Catholic which accounts for 134 million people. The Pope was here a couple of weeks ago - he must be pretty happy with this statistic!

Ah that will have to do. I'm home in 11 days but there is a whole other country to explore before then!

Signing off from Brazil (tchau)

Jill xo

PS. Pics are Typical lunch in Brazil - note rice and beans ;-)...

Pork anyone?

... the amazing view from the Sugerloaf or Pão de Açúcar...

From the Sugarloaf

... and the girl from Ipanema (sun!)

The girl from Ipanema




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