Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hello harold!

Look who has come to live at my house!

I was very very lucky to receive Harold the giraffe from Fiona's giveaway. He came yesterday in the mail and he's getting in the Christmas spirit by making himself at home under the Christmas tree. Thank you so much Fiona, he is beautiful!

My sister-in-law and wee niece are particular lovers of giraffes, so I bought Homespun magazine to make him a cousin some time in the future. There's also a great quilt pattern in there from another blogger I follow which may have a place in baby's room some time in the future.

I have succumbed to a revolting cold so I'm cosy at home today rather than spreading my germs at work. Perhaps I'll muster the energy to finish off some baby knitting then have something else to show you here. I knitted up this little bear for a friend on the weekend from this Little Cotton Rabbits pattern - my first (though very minor) go at stranded colour knitting and she came out pretty cute I think!

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At 1:57 pm, Anonymous 2paw said...

The Blogger won't always let me comment lately so I have my fingers crossed!!
I love the giraffe, I can't wait to see yours. Cute Bunny and the dress is really excellent!!!
Hope you feel better soon, a cold in Summer is much worse than one in Winter.

At 3:04 am, Anonymous Samm Cotton said...

Hello dear sister Jill,

I have not found a better way to reach you to deliver this message.

Please listen carefully.

I am coming for my children, and they must know who they are, where they are from and why they have come to this world.

Time is short and so set everything aside and listen to my word.

Seek the mysteries of the light kingdom which will purify your light of the matters, and bring you on high into the light kingdom.

The book of Pistis Sophia contains my words to you - regarding all things that you must know.



These will bring you 'up to speed'. Jesus' command to his disciples is thus;

"Renounce the whole world, its matters, all its cares and associations. For they are the refuse of the rulers, and they will make inquiry of everyone regarding their purity."

"Seek and you shall find the purifying mysteries of the light."

"Say unto the whole of mankind 'cease not to seek day and night until you find the purifying mysteries'"

Thank you for your kindness and love, as I have received it - though you may not have recognized me.

Receive me in grace and love,
your brother in the light.

Samm Cotton


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